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Directory of Marketing, Sales & PR companies in Germany

With almost 100 thousand companies operating on the Germany’s Advertising and Market Research sector, compiling a worthy list of prospects, leads or competitors can prove to be a challenging and time consuming task. Global Database can help you to achieve the desired results faster and easier. With the segmentation tools we provide, you can find future partners in just a few clicks investing just a few minutes of your busy time. Don’t ignore the opportunity costs. Get all the information you need right away.

The forecast for German advertising market is quite promising. Supported, among other factors, by the development boom of digital marketing in recent years, Advertising and Market Research sector shall not fall behind. Regardless of the growing number of companies in the sector, Global Database provides you all the up-to-date information you might need to understand and define the most efficient list of potential business partners.

You can easily get the list of targeted contacts applying available filters, such as years in operation, number of employees, location and many more. If financials is what you would rather look into, all you need is to set the limits for liabilities, net profit, turnover or for other options, and get the information you need by simply clicking the ‘View Results’ button.


Company name 2017 Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
Bäder - - 1 Activities of interior decorators -
BabyOne International GmbH - 15 1 Media representation -
AfK Sensor GmbH Agentur für strategische Kommunikation - 19 3 Advertising agencies -
Noris Promotion GmbH - 32 1 Advertising agencies -
Schwarz auf Weiss GbR - 12 4 Advertising -
Big Stone Merchandising GmbH - 21 3 Advertising agencies -
Werbeagentur pixel design & Lichttechnik - 9 4 Advertising agencies -
Jens-Peter Schwarz - MS Fachhandel Team - 10 1 Advertising agencies -
Peters Equipment - 41 3 Renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment -
Aps Spieckermann - - 2 Activities of graphics and communications designers -
Heepen Design - - 2 Specialised design activities -
Sportwerbung Metzingen GbR - - 2 Advertising and market research -
AT WERBEANLAGEN GBR - 4 3 Advertising and market research -
Kai A Schultes - - 2 Specialised design activities -
Jäschke Martin - - 3 Specialised design activities -
Meding Werbetechnik - 17 5 Advertising and market research -
Atelier de Creation - 12 1 Specialised design activities -
Valentin Kirsch - - 3 Specialised design activities +4949172*******, **
360grad Designbüro - 19 2 Specialised design activities -
Dekant Designbüro - 19 3 Specialised design activities -
Zeichen & CAD Büro RESS - - 1 Specialised design activities -
Andreas Ohnesorge - 25 4 Specialised design activities +494924****** - - 1 Specialised design activities +4949351*******
Joseph de Kock - - 1 Specialised design activities +494955******
JOHN YATES GARDEN DESIGN - - 3 Specialised design activities +49496221*******, *****

As about a third of advertising investments in Germany are fueling online media, filtering local companies by digital insights may be of great use for your business. Not only can you target companies by their website traffic or Alexa ranking, but also by a series of used technologies of your interest.

Once you have all the filters set up, you get a relevant list of companies, their contact information and deep data about each and every one of them. Moreover, you’ll get the contacts of CEOs and other higher-ups, gaining the advantage of contacting decision makers directly while avoiding delays or blocks from secretaries and other employees.

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