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Directory of Life Sciences & Healthcare companies in Germany

This is yet another sector in which Germany excels as an innovation hub, paving the way for various solutions in the field of healthcare. The country has long become a research and development leader in the field, and an impulse giver for other countries in this respect. Both start-ups and long established companies are eligible to benefit of access to funding and networks, various services, and perfectly tailored infrastructure. Global Database comprises all the data you might need to explore this market, regardless of whether you are looking for new business partners or analysing your competitors.

Life sciences and healthcare in Germany are driven by both local and global trends. Facing the challenges, Germany becomes the largest market in the field in Europe, and second largest biopharmaceutical producer worldwide. Research and development institutions and hubs, private companies, infrastructure centers (Bioparks) and Bioregions - altogether form the alluring climate for life sciences and healthcare entities. Regardless of their size or year of founding, Germany provides a wide series of incentives to attract and support companies and investments in the field.


Company name 2017 Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
Zahnklinik Bunde - Dr. Wiegand & Kollegen - 5 10 Dental practice activities -
Urologische Praxis - 20 6 Specialist medical practice activities -
Hautärztin - - 11 Specialist medical practice activities -
Praxis - - 2 Dental practice activities -
Detlef Höwing - - 5 Other human health activities -
Psychomotorische Förderstelle - - 1 Activities of psychological psychotherapists -
Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Heidrun Florek-Faust und Dr. Hartmut Pfeiffer - 35 16 Dental practice activities -
Naturheilpraxis - 21 0 Activities of non-medical practitioners -
fisch im wasser GmbH - 7 10 Other own-account activities pertaining to human health -
Antje Hensel - - 5 Activities of psychological psychotherapists -
Anne Mechau - - 3 Activities of non-medical practitioners -
Zahnarztpraxis - 7 0 Dental practice activities -
Zahnarztpraxis - 5 1 Dental practice activities -
Medizinische Massage Praxis am Dreiringplatz GmbH - 31 1 Human health activities -
GeriSa eG - 13 1 Human health activities -
Praxis für Osteopathie und Private Physiotherapie - 6 5 Human health activities -
Praxis für Osteopathie u. Naturheilkunde - 4 2 Human health activities -
Praxis Olga Hättig Fachärztin für Innere Medizin - 4 6 Human health activities -
TUJA. Ergotherapie und Logopädie. Tagespflege. - 4 5 Human health activities -
Gesundheitsberaterin - 4 1 Human health activities -
Praxis für Ergotherapie - 4 3 Human health activities -
HerzGesund Saar eG - 13 2 Human health activities -
Lichtblicke bei Demenz - - 2 Human health activities -
Heilsa. Zentrum Mensch - 6 4 Human health activities -
Praxis für Physiotherapie und med. Fußpflege - 5 0 Human health activities -

With so many incentives, life sciences and healthcare industry cannot seem unattractive. It provides development possibilities to any - new and well-established companies, or those who target them. No matter what your goal is, Global Database will provide you the information you need to achieve it. Our directories will help you to understand the market, if you are willing to research your competitors, and / or compile a highly targeted prospect list for your marketing campaigns.

Not only will our German business intelligence platform assist you in collecting the set of companies relevant for the accomplishment of your task. You will also get access to direct email addresses and phone numbers of key decision-makers, further improving your campaign. Furthermore, you will definitely feel the difference, as your marketing campaigns will bypass frustrating blocks from lower-level employees.

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